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The job of 'Being the Church' could never be a one-person job. It is a ministry of the whole people of God that, at its best, allows God's presence to be embraced and celebrated and, at its worst, threatens our ability to claim that we are even a church. Being the Church doesn't just occur on a Sunday morning, that is just the start. it is hoped that this website might take some of the confusion out of our job in being the Church on a Sunday morning and welcome more people to participate in new aspects of the exciting life of the worshipping and growing church that we call Deer lake. In the words of the great hymn, "I am the church, you are the church, YES we're the church together!"

Shalom / Peace,
Scott & The Worship Committee

We welcome you to read the following submissions. If you would like to share your experiences with Deer Lake United Church, you can email our web developer and she will gladly upload your submission to this website.

Greeters The greeter sets the tone for each person's entry into the church on that day. While our current greeter will always be our "senior greeter", we do need to provide her with assistance as most people arrive at the church during the last ten minutes before the service starts. If you would like to help greeting, a few tips on greeting are offered Read more Reading Scripture There is more on than preaching at Deer Lake! If preaching is understood as opening ourselves to allow God's word to flow through our words, then everyone who has read scripture during worship has preached. We are truly blessed to have had a variety of people of different ages and genders offer God's word to our worship experience as they read scripture Read more
Prayers of the People With the Christian Reformation of the 16th Century, the Reformed Church was birthed and the validation of people's own prayers to God was acknowledged. suddenly it was acknowledged that people could pray! Deer Lake has the tradition of laypeople offering the prayers during the service, which reminds us of these historical roots. Usually, ther person who reads Read more Prayer Requests Deer Lake includes the prayers of concern and joy in the prayers of the people. A prayer table is located in teh lobby where everyone is welcomed to record their particular prayer request so that it may be offered. for pastoral follow up,there is an oportunity to indicate if you would like some support from either the pastor or a member of the pastoral care team Read more
Writing Prayers A team who write the Prayers of the People began with one person and has now grown to over a dozen members. They have met on several occasions for the purpose of growing and supporting one another in this important ministry. Each member is assigned approximately one of hte 12 upcoming Sundays. To help in constructing the prayer, they are given an outline Read more Liturical Arts Liturical arts are a visual way we express our awe for the holdy. Deer Lake has always taken pride in its work with the liturical arts. An incredible selection of seasonal banners and pulpit covers have been prayerfully construced along with the "Seed and the Sower " wall hanging that was lovingly made by the hands of the late Weda and (her humble helper) Carol and Read more
Flowers The donation of flowers to the worship service can be a very powerful way to enhance the worship experience for everyone who gathers. They also can be a special way to remember a person or event. There is a sign-up sheet posted in the fellowship hall to indicate a Sunday you with to provide flowers. Flowers left behind do not go to waste but are deliverd by the Read more
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